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SADIL o se 'upega tafaʻilagi na te aoina, puipuia meafaitino e pei o tusi, ata, niusipepa ma suʻesuʻega a soo se tusitala. E mafai e soo se tasi ona lafo mai lona suʻesuʻega ma faaoga tusi o i luga SADIL. O se upega faatekonolosi e mafai ona faasaoina ma tufatufaina tusi.

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  • Unknown author (International Finance Corporation (IFC), 2019-03)
  • Hicks, David (Carfax Publishing, 2003)
    With the Department for International Development (DfID) funding being made available to support a ‘global dimension’ in the school curriculum it seems an appropriate time to review the field of global education in the UK. ...
  • Fiore, James M. (James M. Fiore, 2022-02)
    Welcome to the AC Electrical Circuit Analysis, an open educational resource (OER). The goal of this text is to introduce the theory and practical application of analysis of AC electrical circuits. It assumes familiarity ...
  • Wolske, Martin (Windsor & Downs Press, 2020)
    “Martin Wolske’s A Person-Centered Guide to Demystifying Technology rebalances the human side in our encounters with digital technologies. It helps students to see that facility with the hardware and software of computers ...
  • Koutamanis, Alexander (TU Delft OPEN TU, 2022-02)
    The book presents a coherent theory of building information, focusing on its representation and management in the digital era. It addresses issues such as the information explosion and the structure of analogue building ...

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