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  • Shoup, Victor (V. Shoup, 2005)
    "Number theory and algebra play an increasingly significant role in computing and communications, as evidenced by the striking applications of these subjects to such fields as cryptography and coding theory. This introductory ...
  • Tomal, Daniel R. (Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2010)
  • Boelkins, Matthew (Mattew Boelkins, 2018)
  • Schlicker, Steven; Austin, David; Boelkins, Matthew (Steven Schlicker, 2018)
  • Boelkins, Matthew (Steven Boelkins, 2019-07)
  • Jones, Nicola; Pincock, Kate; Abu Hamad, Bassam. eds. (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2021)
    Adolescents in Humanitarian Crisis investigates the experiences of adolescents displaced by humanitarian crisis. The world is currently seeing unprecedented levels of mass displacement, and almost half of the world’s ...
  • Tella, Oluwaseun (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2021)
    This book investigates the ways in which soft power is used by African countries to help drive global influence. Selecting four of the countries most associated with soft power across the con tinent, this book delves ...
  • OECD; World Trade Organization(WTO) (OECD and WTO, 2017)
    This chapter provides an overview of the report which examines trade costs and their influence on sustainable development and poverty reduction. It analyses in particular the physical and digital connectivity required to ...
  • Abramson, Jay (Rice University, 2017)
  • Krause, Steven D. (Eastern Michigan University, 2007)
  • Betts, J. Gordon; Desaix, Peter; Johnson, (Rice University, 2017)
  • Damonte, Gerardo; Schorr, Bettina. eds. (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2022)
    This volume explores institutional change and performance in the resource-rich Andean countries during the last resource boom and in the early post-boom years. The latest global commodity boom has profoundly marked the ...
  • Krause, Steven D. (Eastern Michigan University, 2007)
  • Bergtrom, Gerald (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee UWM Digital Commons, 2020)
  • Krause, Steven D. (Eastern Michigan University, 2007)
  • Heiduk, Felix. ed. (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2022)
    This book analyses the ways in which foreign policy actors in Asia have responded to the emerging great power conflict between the US and the People’s Republic of China focusing on medium and small states across the ...
  • Davies, Alan (University of Ottawa Press, 2007)
    The paper offers an explanatory account of the progress of academic language proficiency testing in the U.K. (and later Australia) from the British Council's English Proficiency Test Battery (EPTB) through the ...
  • Brekke, Klara Jaya; Filippidis, Christos; Vradis, Antonis (Punctum Books, 2018)
  • Robertson, Stephen (Open Book Publishers, 2020)
  • Ballads 
    Owens, Richard (Eth Press, 2015)

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