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A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra

Show simple item record Shoup, Victor 2023-06-28T21:46:05Z 2023-06-28T21:46:05Z 2005
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dc.description 533 p. (PDF) sm
dc.description.abstract "Number theory and algebra play an increasingly significant role in computing and communications, as evidenced by the striking applications of these subjects to such fields as cryptography and coding theory. This introductory book emphasizes algorithms and applications, such as cryptography and error correcting codes. The presentation alternates between theory and applications in order to motivate and illustrate the mathematics. The mathematical coverage includes the basics of number theory, abstract algebra and discrete probability theory."--Publisher's description sm
dc.language.iso en sm
dc.publisher V. Shoup sm
dc.subject Computer science sm
dc.subject Mathematics sm
dc.subject Number theory sm
dc.subject Data processing sm
dc.title A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra sm
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dc.type Book sm

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