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  • Commonwealth of Learning (COL) (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2020)
    Technical and vocational education and training’ (TVET) is understood as comprising education, training and skills development relating to a wide range of occupational fields, production, services and livelihoods. TVET, ...
  • Perraton, Hilary (Commonwealth Secretariat and The Commonwealth of Learning, 1991-09)
    The detailed planning of a new distance-teaching institution has often been the responsibility of a planning committee which is at its most effective if it combines prestige and expert knowledge. Plans generally need to ...
  • Thomas, John (The Commonwealth of Learning and the International Extension College, 2001)
    The handbook is intended for all those who are involved in the design, development, production and use of audio materials in distance education and open learning. It will be of particular interest to teaching staff and ...
  • . Lakshmi, Prof. T. K. S; Rama, Dr. K.; Hendrikz, Dr. Johan (National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), 2007-08)
  • Ibn Junaid, Prof. Muhammad; Ogange, Dr. Betty; Allela, Melisa (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2019)
    Continuing teacher professional development for all teachers across the entire school system poses a challenge in many contexts, especially in developing countries. Teachers from schools located in remote rural areas usually ...

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